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Hedge Cutting in Guildford

Hedge Cutting in Guildford

Most reliable team of highly qualified and experienced local landscaping experts, provide excellent tree surgery and hedge cutting services in Guildford

What is Hedge Cutting?

Hedge cutting is the practice of pruning to maintain the shape, density and aesthetic beauty of hedges. There are two main kinds of Hedge Cutting:

1) Formal hedge cutting which requires more frequent pruning and trimming.
2) Informal Hedge cutting that can be trimmed at an interval of time.

It is important to remember that Hedge Cutting cannot be carried out at any time and by anyone, as it is a punishable offence under Section 1 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. Hedges often contain nests of birds which may be destroyed during hedge cutting by any untrained person.

Only licensed qualified hedge-cutting professionals are allowed to trim hedges at certain times of the year depending on the nature of the hedges.

Why should you choose Cross Court Services?

If you are looking for the best quality hedge cutting services in your own locality, you should look no further than Cross Court Services. Cross Court Services undertakes any sized projects for all residential and commercial requirements at an economical cost.

Cross Court Services aims to provide complete and fine quality solutions to all the needs and care of landscaping, trimming, restructuring of plants and beautification of gardens. Cross Court Services maintains a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals and fully insured services and excellent references who can provide affirmative responses on their service quality. You can receive a free consultation by dialling 01420 85199.

Cross Court Services ensures unmatched quality of service in a cost-effective and methodical manner.

Hedge cutting services provided by Cross Court Services:

Trimming and Re-shaping of Hedges
Reduction of overgrown hedges if they are obstructing pathways or crossing boundaries
Removal of unwanted growth of hedges
Replanting of hedges
Flailing of hedges surrounding fields and paddocks

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