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Tennis Court Maintenance Alton

Tennis Court Maintenance Alton

Cross Court Services provide the best quality of fully insured tarmac tennis court maintenance services in Alton

What is Tennis Court Maintenance?

Hardcourt or tarmac tennis courts need to be constantly kept in maintenance to maintain the prime performance quality of the court.

The maintenance procedure of tennis courts refer to the frequent repairs an cleaning of the court surface to remove all kinds of dust, debris and contaminants. Hard courts also tend to get weathered and softened by moisture, rain, heavy winds and harsh weather conditions. For this purpose it is of utmost need to have an efficient drainage system.

There is a constant need to monitor the court conditions and prevent the growth of algae, fungus, moss or weeds. For this purpose Cross Court Services provide experts who can efficiently handle certain chemicals, sprays and insecticides that can prevent the growth of parasites. This will help to maintain the durability of the court surface.

Tennis courts need to be serviced and tended frequently and this involves recurring costs. The surroundings of the tennis courts need to be equally looked into for maximum advantages. This involves restructuring of overhanging tree branches or pruning of overgrown hedges to help in better wind passage and increased sunlight.

Why should you hire Cross Court Services?

Cross Court Services provides are the most dedicated team in UK providing the best quality and unparalleled range of services for tennis court maintenance.

Each service is undertaken by certified and skilled professionals who look into every detail with perfection. Qualified specialists assess the court conditions and find best methods to extend the durability of the courts.

Cross Court Services provides an assurance of quality, along with cost effective financial plans for long term support services to the tennis courts. Call 01420 85199 for all any inquiries and free consultation.

Cross Court Services also carries out refurbishing and improves aesthetic beauty of the tarmac tennis courts by providing repainting service.

Each painting service is undertaken after treatment of the surface and minute inspection for any chip, crack or untended patches. Thorough and high grade cleaning of the court surface is carried out before the painting.

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