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Tennis Court Services

Cross Court Services is here to get your court back into a good playable condition. Please contact us for a free personalised consultation.

Tennis court maintenance
Tennis court maintenance

Expert tennis court maintenance services

Experience has shown us that it can take only one winter to render a court unusable – shady and/or damp courts are loved by quick growing algae and moss which make the court slippery and unsafe to play on and left untreated can break up the court surface.

Our services include:

  • High pressure cleaning (using water only) of the court surface and chainlink fence
  • Weed killing around the court perimeter and on court if required
  • Repairs to the court surface
  • Root barrier installation around the court perimeter to prevent tree root damage
  • Repairs or replacement of chain link fencing and gate
  • Repainting of existing chainlink metal supports, gate and net posts
  • Regular moss treatment and maintenance plans
  • Application of a polyurethane binder (not the water based product) to strengthen the court surface.
  • Recolouring of the court surface in almost any colour combination you desire.
  • Repainting of white lines to ITF specification.
  • Repainting of practice walls and lines.
  • And of course, being tree surgeons, we can also safely remove any overhanging branches to prevent debris and shade on the court.

If you need reassurance about the quality of our work, please check out our Google reviews or the testimonials on this site.

Tennis court maintenance services in details

Tennis court cleaning

Tennis court cleaning

Cross Court Services has secured an enviable reputation for their high quality cleaning of courts. Using only water under high pressure any moss, weeds or other engrained dirt or debris is meticulously cleaned away. The tennis court chainlink and gate is also cleaned to remove any algae and debris splashed onto it during the cleaning process.

Please note: High pressure cleaning can remove paint and loose surface material if the court is old or in bad condition. Courts that have not been maintained for a few years will sometimes need the debris barrowing away. The wet debris removed from the surface will usually be disposed of on site in a place designated by you.

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Tennis court chemical treatment

Tennis Court Chemical Treatment

Our practitioners are qualified to handle otherwise dangerous chemicals that are used to obliterate stubborn weeds, moss and algae, protecting your court from their swift return.

Annual maintenance programmes are available to ensure that treatments are carried out at the optimal times of year and fix costs against price increases for the next 3 years.

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Tennis court repair

Tennis Court Repairs

When it comes to improving your game, you need to rely on a surface that is free from defects and gives your shot the perfect bounce every time. Whether caused by the growth of weeds, moss, root damage or by time, divots, cracks and patches can be fixed. Our specialists are able to carry out both minor and major repairs to postpone the need for complete resurfacing.

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Tennis court repainting

Binder Application and Court Recolouring

Some courts need a new binder coat and recolouring to ensure the stability of the playing surface whilst giving it a fresh new look. We cover a range of colours, not all courts are green. All courts we repaint have a pressure clean beforehand and the surface repaired. Binder and recolouring is usually required every 5-7 years depending on the court’s use, location and maintenance regime. It is highly recommended that you take out one of our maintenance programmes to protect your investment.

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Repainting White Lines

White lines are repainted to ITF specification on all newly coloured courts but can also be painted without the need for recolouring the whole court.

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Tennis court refurbishment

Perimeter Fencing

When your court fencing is tired and needs a lease of new life, we can clean, repair, re-paint or replace your entire court fencing and metal supports giving you back a court you can be proud of.

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Tree Damage

In situations where nearby tree roots are damaging the court surface we can cut the existing roots and install a heavy duty root barrier to prevent further damage. Our tree surgery team can also cut back any overhanging branches which are shading the court or dropping moss attracting debris.

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Court Drainage

Existing drainage channels can get clogged up by dirt. These can be dug out and a new land drain pipe installed covered by decorative stone of your choosing.

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Tennis court support maintenance

Support maintenance

At Cross Court Services we don’t like seeing courts covered in grime! Our solution to this is to provide a range of services over a fixed period of time and at a fixed cost. This gives you the benefit of a high-performing surface when you need it, the service of a company that knows your court and its environment and no surprises when it comes to paying for the work. A support agreement with Cross Court Services is peace of mind and our assurance of quality, professionalism and results that we are proud of.

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